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Our site covers 3 square miles of undulating evergreen forest that is interlaced with metalled and dirt tracks. The forest varies from extremely dense to light. Streams firebreaks and water runoff ditches with several deforested areas also intersect the forest. This helps create a highly varied and enjoyable gaming area and experience. Because of the size of the area we recommend a certain level of kit and fitness (please see our kit list section). First Airsoft


We have NO facilities on this site, this means no water, electricity, toilet, shop or food. You are responsible for bringing everything you will need.

Ammo Limits

Dave Yateswatch out

On normal game days there are no ammo limits. For our milsim events we prefer people to use non high capacity magazines so we run a limit of only one high cap magazine allowed to be carried and NO loose ammunition can be carried during the game play unless the scenario states otherwise (section commanders will advise on the day).

As well as your one high cap you ARE allowed to carry the following:

As many low caps as you can carry in your PLCE kit.

OR As many midcaps as you can carry in your PLCE kit.

If you dont have any low or mid caps then you will have to carry only one high cap.

Support weapons are limited to one full box magazine, again subject to scenario specifications.

A support weapon must be a recognised type i.e M249, GPMG, M60 ect. a M4 with a bipod and a box is NOT a support weapon.

Gas Pistols and single shot Sniper Rifles are not limited to the amount of magazines you can carry, again subject to scenario specifications.


Green Fees

Yearly subs for full members £15.

First years membership £20 (which will include a free game).

Green fees members £10 (per month not per game).

Green fees for non-members £10 per day (2 day overnighter £20).
This is to include any team events.

We are willing and able to tailor our game days to suit your team or group requirements.

So if you have a particular scenario you would wish us to host and act as an OPFOR please contact us.

For all enquires please contact Dave Brettle

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